What’s there to say? I’m a guy. A Husband of one. A Father of six . Eldest brother of six; three boys, three girls.  A student of life and ministry. I like sports. I love to be with people. I enjoy the expression that is music. I have recently taken up running and have been re-introduced to “working out”. I take pleasure in life. I am a Pastor, a communicator and an Evangelist. I am me…a child of God!

So, that’s it. Isn’t it?


Probably not.

If we are what we eat, then I’m a culmination of Chick-fil-A, turkey sandwiches, peanut butter on Granny Smith apples AND Chipotle. I am calories and cravings!

If we are what we do, I am a husband, father, speaker, communicator, evangelist, church planter, sometimes comedian and always on the move.

Simply put…I love living the life that God has given me!  My desire is to live life to the fullest!




A native of Portland, Oregon, Andrew was born into and brought up in the household of a single-mother that struggled with substance abuse her entire adolescent and adult life. The by-products of this upbringing were never far from Andrew as he struggled to find his way early in life.

At only 16-years old, Andrew found himself buried in brokenness – a high school drop out that chose to pursue his identity and value from the life that he had known in the streets and all the darkness that accompanies such a life.

In November, 1994, Andrew nearly lost his life at the hands of local gang members. What started out as a house-party quickly turned into a fight for his life, which would change the trajectory of his days.

Out of near death came new life for Andrew.

After having exhausted all that a life of sin and brokenness had to offer, Andrew reached out to the only family member (a first-cousin 17 years his elder), that he could think of. At the invitation of his cousin, Andrew made his way from the dark, cold streets that had been so familiar to him and onto the streets of Oregon City to watch the Oregon Ducks square off against the Penn State Nittany Lions for the Rose Bowl. Little did he know that January 2, 1995 would lead to a new opportunity at life.

While at the house of his cousin and his family, Andrew was invited to stay – he was encouraged to leave all that he had ever known behind in a move that would take him from the cold streets and into a warm bed. One night turned into two and within the week Andrew was given the invitation to be adopted by his cousin, his cousin’s wife, and their children.

Never to return to the life that he had always known after collecting his belongings and his mother willfully signing over sole-custody of Andrew to her nephew, now Andrew’s father, Andrew began the arduous journey of healing and taking on this new life.

A part of the culture shift for Andrew as pieces of his new life began to take shape included actively participating in the local church (West Linn Baptist Church now New Life Church). Through the life he experienced from his parents and siblings as well as the influence of his Youth Pastor, Steven Zink and with the investment of Senior Pastor, Scott Reavely, Andrew committed his life to Christ in October, 1996.

From miracle to miracle, Andrew went from high school drop out with little hope for a future and into a life filled with success and hope!

Andrew regularly shares his life and testimony in how he lives as well as with the gift of communicating that God has blessed him with. From victim to victory in Jesus, Andrew continues to celebrate his new life in how he lives today!



Andrew Anderson is the Senior Pastor of Country Bible Church in Blair, Nebraska. Originally from Oregon, Andrew is a graduate of Pacific Evangelical School of Ministry, is currently enrolled at Pillar Seminary in Omaha, NE, and has been involved in the local church as a Pastor since 1997.  During Andrew’s time in ministry he has worked with all ages including as a Lead and Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, College & Young Adults Pastor, Small Groups Pastor, and has been an instrumental part of teaching teams, worship bands, small group ministries, and more.

Passionate about making Jesus’ name famous and changing the way people view God, Andrew is committed to leading a church of devoted sojourners dedicated to being real and relevant in reaching people with the light of Christ.


DISCLAIMER: The accomplishments, work, opinions, and views of this site were prepared by or on behalf of Pastor Andrew Anderson in his personal capacity. Any opinions expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Country Bible Church.