Cost of Leadership

This morning I woke up and checked my e-mail, specifically an e-mail account that I check maybe once a week due in large part to the amount of spam that comes to the account…arrgghh!  That said, I opened it up and found an encouraging, yet difficult reminder as a “Christian Leader”, a reminder fitting for all of us whom have entered into a relationship with the Living God and accepted His call on our lives.  The reminder?  A blog from an area-pastor and church leader, Perry Noble, of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC penetrates to the heart of some prices that a Christian Leader must be willing to pay this side of heaven.

Here’s the catch…

I want to say that the blog was likely written with Pastors and other leaders in the church in mind, and as such I would agree with the premis of the blog, but I wouldn’t stop it there.  Though Pastors and Elders are held to a different standard of measure, it should go without saying that Christians will face trials and tribulations as a follower of Jesus Christ and, we too, should be mindful and aware of what we’re up against.

That said, I invite you to check out Perry’s blog entitled: The Five Prices A Leader Must Be Willing To Pay, a blog that is challenging me and my comfort level as a leader and follower of Jesus.

Question?  What price(s) are you willing to pay as a Christian and as a leader?

That’s what I’m wrestling with and I invite you to grapple with it too.

Who or rather, what are we wrestling and fighting against that makes leadership and the Christian life so costly?

Another great reminder: Ephesians 6:12 !

Our battle is not against the clock.  It’s not against our employer.  It’s not against the government or the politics of this world.  Our battle is NOT against other believers, church leaders, churches and or those who claim Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

It’s all about a right perspective.

I pray that I may keep a proper perspective in this life and put my hope and faith in the One who has called me.  This is the only way I can make it in life and in leadership.