Absence of sound or noise


No noise?

No sound?

Merriam-Webster’s definition of silence is exactly that:

1 : forbearance from speech or noise : or muteness

2 : absence of sound or noise : or stillness

Recently I received an e-mail from a friend of mine, a worship leader who uses an electric guitar as his primary source of outward expression to the living God of the whole universe.  My friend is talented and gifted beyond what I could ever hope or imagine for myself; the way he plays the guitar and adds varying effects to bring a song to life is amazing, truly an art form.  In his e-mail he writes,

“Hey, just stumbled across this message.  Never seen the guy before, but I was blown away by the creativity of how he got the message across, and thought you might like it.  This guy gave an entire 42 minute message about silence without saying a single word.”

Attached to the e-mail is a video of a church in California, Bay Area Fellowship.  I’m attaching a link to the blog so that you can see and experience for yourself what has got me thinking. 


My query…  What makes silence so hard?

I am realizing more and more that I am living in a world that is constantly inundated with noise: noise from the television, noise from my iPod, noise from my Android phone, noise from my computer, noise from my car stereo, noise from my kids, noise from my friends…noise.  It’s gotten so bad that I have a hard time falling asleep without noise.  I have come to find that I fall asleep faster and sleep better if there is a fan running or my alarm clock which came fully equipped with 6 different sounds in addition to the iPod port and radio playing.


Could it be the space in my mind that comes alive when there is nothing filling the void?

Is it the fear that paralyzes me?

Maybe it’s the fact that I truly wrestle with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) accompanied by my minor bout with OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) that keeps me from engaging silence.

Whatever the case may be, I find that silence is an uncomfortable place for me to be.

And yet…


in all of His infinite wisdom,

having knit us together in our mother’s womb and

knowing us far more than we could ever know ourselves

calls us to…


“Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”

For what it’s worth I am not even remotely close to having arrived at this, this art, this way of life and worship unto God.  Yet it is no excuse not to go forward with it, to wait on God in silence and worship Him in the stillness.  That’s what he requires of us, of me.  That’s what I want to be better at.

This blog for me is less about life lessons or leadership or perspective and more about what I am wrestling with.  I want to know God more, hear God more and live for God more!