Sunday Night Mind Dump

A long and exciting week:

+ Started the week off with seminary. I’m in a cohort with 29 other Master of Ministry hopefuls. Four times a year we get together and effectively cram a semester of school into 4 long days packed full of lectures, reading, lectures, colloquia discussions, lectures, presentations, power points, and more lectures.  I was in school from a week-ago, Sunday, to Wednesday night.  We stay on-sight as to encourage more of an intentional focus on school and the others in our cohort.  Good times!!!

+ Thursday was The Inn, our young adults service geared for ages 18 to 30’s.  My buddy Garrett Beatty shared the third message of a four-part series entitled, “Road Signs”. Garrett did a great job addressing the topic of Pedestrian Crossing and the importance of relationships and one-another’s.

+ Friday was full of necessary errands in preparation for our weekend retreat – a trip to Mt. Hood RV Village.  Several young adults from our group went up to the mountain with the most unbelievable rain imaginable.  When we got there on Friday afternoon there was no more than a light drizzle, but within minutes of starting to set up the first tent there was torrential down pour.  Four tents later and every one of us soaked to the bone, the rest of the crew arrived to what would be a wickedly wet weekend.  The one great part of a wet weekend retreat is the amount of time our group spent under shelter in confined spaces.  It made for great conversations and connections.

+ Getting home after the retreat was sweet!  I missed my kiddos a ton and there is nothing quite like my kids running up to me and Stacy and yelling for us with anticipation and excitement at the top of their lungs.  Maybe Stacy and I should get away, just the two of us, more often?  There is benefit for both, huh?!  An opportunity for Stacy and I to grow in our relationship as well as the kids to wait with unparalleled anticipation for their dearest parents to return home.

+ Tomorrow starts a new week and I’m looking forward to some semblance of normalcy.  Can’t believe I just said that, but…

+ Thinking about starting to blog again on a semi-regular basis.  It seems to be good for my soul.

If you read this…Thanks!