It’s Monday…and I’m excited!

It’s Monday…and I’m excited!  Though I’m looking forward to a new week, I want to first recap 5 things that I’m really excited about right now…

#1 – Child of God: Though I’ve had those moments in which I question my faith; the depth of my faith, the level of my faith and at times, the existence of my faith, I am so excited to be a child of God, made in His image for His pleasure.  It’s a continual process of identifying and re-declaring who I am in Him and what that looks like.

#2 – Family: I feel so blessed and excited to be able to be a husband, a father, a brother and a son.  Each day I’m reminded of the blessings of being a part of a family as I embrace the responsibilities and privileges God has given me.

#3 – Pastor: I love my church and I’m excited to be able to do life and ministry with such an incredible body of believers who are committed to fulfilling His will in and through us.  Illumination Church exists to love God, love people and light the world, and I can hardly believe that I get to be a part of God’s work with them.

#4 – Friend: This week I have been reminded multiple times of how blessed and excited I am to be a friend.  I’ve had the chance to hunt with a friend, ride motorcycles with friends, eat with friends, pray with and for friends, shop for a friend and encourage many friends.

#5 – Community Center/Office: I’m growing increasingly excited about the development of our church’s community center and office space.  With a projected completion date set for mid-November, I expect that soon our space will be used to impact our community in a variety of ways.  I’m also pretty stoked to have an office that I can work from as I may be somewhat administratively inept and having a designated space to work from will likely help a bit with that.

As I sit here entering this post and thinking through the past week, I’m finding myself consumed and excited with thoughts of the things to come this week…

#1 – Serve Sunday: This coming Sunday our church is taking to the streets to serve several families in need throughout our community.  I’m excited to see our faith in action as a body of believers and to watch God do what only He can do in these families lives.

#2 – Trunk-Or-Treat: I’m really excited for our Trunk-Or-Treat event after Serve Sunday.  We’re gathering together to celebrate on Sunday afternoon with families who will decorate their vehicles, candy, games and so much more.  Though I’m not sure of my costume just yet, I’m super-stoked to be a part of such an amazing church who places a high-value on investing in our children.

#3 – Creative Design: Tuesday night I have the privilege of sitting with a group of awesomely creative thinkers who will help dream up and put together some amazing things for our church and our community.  I couldn’t be more excited for the group of men and women God continues to surround me with here in our church.

#4 – Lead Team: Not much time goes by in which I’m not, in some way, reminded of how blessed I am with the leaders God is raising up within our community and our church.  I’m so excited and confident that I have the awesome responsibility of doing life and ministry with some of the greatest leaders in the world!

#5 – Doing Life: This week we’ve got a lot going on – from getting my 5-year old’s cast on to our Celebration Service to multiple meetings and more, I am excited to have the opportunity to do life.  This may sound silly, but I know people and witness people every day who simply “go through the motions” and live less than a life, just trying to make it through.  I have been guilty of that myself.  That said, I’m continually looking for ways to embrace life this side of heaven…

Until all hear,