Andrew has successfully enjoyed communicating in churches of 35 to conferences of thousands. His love for the Lord comes alive in his passion for people and materializes as he generously and effectively speaks in a way that captures your imagination and makes sense.


It is Andrew’s desire and prayer that as he is faithful to speaking with purpose and passion, God will meet you right where you’re at but that you won’t stay there!

From churches to conferences and countless other venues in between, Andrew has been invited to speak across the globe. Sharing his life and unique gift of communicating, Andrew has a passion for communicating in a way that “meets you where you’re at but doesn’t leave you there.”

For the past 20 years, Andrew has enjoyed sharing his gift of preaching and teaching at:
Public & Private High Schools
Public & Private Middle Schools
College Campuses & Universities
Outreach Events
Small Groups
Mission Fields
Civic Events
Community Groups
Staff & Faculty Gatherings
Personnel Development
Coaching & Consulting


Thank you for your interest in having Pastor Andrew speak at your church and or event.  He is truly humbled and honored that you would consider partnering with him in this way. Though Pastor Andrew loves sharing life and ministry through his gift of speaking and would certainly love to say “yes” to each request, his schedule doesn’t make this possible.  That said, and in order to keep his relationship with the Lord, his wife and kids, and with his many other ministry commitments healthy, he must be incredibly intentional about the number of speaking engagements he accepts. Through the help of Andrew’s trusted pastors and Lead Team that Pastor Andrew works with, together they will assist in determining whether Pastor Andrew will be able to speak at each event.  This is intentional in helping Pastor Andrew with his time, energy, and in honoring his commitments and priorities.

For booking information, please email Pastor Andrew at: and be sure to include in your email the following information

  • Who, in addition to Pastor Andrew, will be speaking at this event
  • Please provide a link to the website that has any registration information
  • Are there any special requests or needs that you have of Pastor Andrew
  • What accommodations will be made for Pastor Andrew and his work associate (hotel, vehicle, meals, etc.)
  • Will the cost of travel being covered include Pastor Andrew’s work associate (see below)
  • Will copies of the seminar or message be made available for Pastor Andrew and Country Bible Church?

Pastor Andrew ALWAYS travels with a work associate in an effort to remain above reproach in all areas.  This is typically one of his male ministry partners or a man from his leadership. On rare occasion his travel associate may be his wife, Stacy.

Please contact us for more information or to request Pastor Andrew for your next event and expect a response within a week of your request.  We look forward to helping you with your next event in any way that we can.



 DISCLAIMER: The accomplishments, work, opinions, and views of this site were prepared by or on behalf of Pastor Andrew Anderson in his personal capacity. Any opinions expressed are the author’s own and do not reflect the view of Country Bible Church.


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